Artist: Charlelie

About The Artist:

Charlélie Couture (b. Charles Elie Bertrand Couture, 26 February 1956) is a French musician and multi-disciplinary artist, who has recorded over 25 albums and 17 film soundtracks, and has held a number of exhibitions of paintings and photographs. He has also worked as a poster designer, and has published about 15 books of reflections, drawings and photographs.

Song: Au Clair De La Lune

Contribution to: Fondation ARC

“Au Clair de la Lune” (By the light of the moon) is a French folk song of the 18th century. The author is unknown. Its simple melody is commonly taught to beginner students of the glockenspiel, as it provides an easy way for students to become comfortable with how notes are played on their instrument.

About Fondation ARC

ARC Foundation for Cancer Research, recognized of public utility, is the first foundation dedicated to cancer research at the national level. Its aim is to ensure that the next 10 to 15 years, two out of three cancers are cured (instead of one in two today).

Au Clair De La Lune

by Charlelie