Artist: PFAC Jr. / Shomrai Tel Chai

About The Artist:

Shomrai Tel Chai is a group of talented high school students from Israel and the US, who met while participating in the BIMA summer arts program, at Brandeis University. They recorded Alei Giva as part of a Pioneers For A Cure teen project, where students learned about Israel, its early heritage and culture while learning about music recording and artist driven philanthropy. This is their first recording!

Song: Alei Giv’a

Contribution to: Soroka Medical Center Cancer Departments

Alei Giv’a was composed in the style of a shepherd’s song by Nahum Nardi (1901-1977), one of the first and most important composers of Israeli song in the pre-State era. Nardi made aliyah from Russia at the age of 22. Some of his earliest compositions and arrangements were done for Bracha Zefira, who first acquainted him with the Eastern music that so enchanted the Israeli musicians of the yishuv. Avraham Broides, an immigrant from Vilna, is famous as a poet, and wrote lyrics to several songs that continue to be popular. The one-armed hero mentioned in this song is Joseph Trumpeldor, a Russian war hero who was killed (together with six comrades) in 1920 at Tel Hai in the Galilee, while on guard duty. He was well known before the war for his bravery in the Russian army; he became a legend in death when the story circulated that his last words were “It is good to die for our land.”

About Soroka Medical Center Cancer Departments

The American Friends of Soroka Medical Center is dedicated to raising awareness about the work of Soroka Medical Center in the Negev, Israel, and providing financial support for its activities. American Friends supports Soroka Medical Center’s continued efforts to provide excellent and advanced care to the region’s diverse population and is active in a campaign to modernize the entire campus. American Friends also serves to expand Soroka’s outreach through educational programs and conferences on breast cancer, women’s health and other relevant topics. American Friends supports Soroka’s excellence in medical research.

Alei Giv'a

by PFAC Jr. / Shomrai Tel Chai