Rofeh Cholim Cancer Society

RCCS incorporated as a non-profit 501 c (3) charity in 1997 with a five-point mandate to help cancer victims secure the best health insurance policies possible, provide whatever financial assistance is needed to maintain health insurance policies, keep abreast of the newest and most effective cancer treatments, provide the best medical referrals and advocate for the cancer patient and the patient’s entire family. Since then, RCCS has grown, family by family, community by community. Many patients have been referred by their doctors, others by their families and friends, others by their rabbanim. RCCS has attracted donors and volunteers from nearly every community. Dozens of donors have been so touched by RCCS’s lifesaving work that they have undertaken the entire cost of a health insurance policy for one sick patient. RCCS has never declined a valid application for help. Its singular mission, duplicated by no other organization, has helped save the lives of over one thousand cancer patients across the United States.