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We love seeing everyone walking in their neighborhoods today to support the Lustgarten Florida #PancreaticCancer Research Walk. Here's Team I 💜 Judy Lund walking in Lake Worth, FL. To donate, visit:

The upcoming #AsthmaEducatorInstitute will be held virtually in a live-stream format! This professional education course is designed to meet continuing education requirements for a variety of #healthcareprofessionals. Learn more:

Nurses have really stepped up this past year. Here's your chance to say thank you. The @BostonGlobe is now accepting nominations for its annual "Salute to Nurses".

Deadline is March 19th.

On this Rare Disease Day, we wanted to share a blog from Alton Pace in memory of his half-sister, Daryl, who passed away from OM. Her OM journey and memory encourages Alton to always take care of himself, and especially his eyes, now.

Join @SaltyGirlBeauty this Wednesday for a free virtual workshop for those who have been diagnosed with cancer. Candace Ornstein, Emmy-nominated makeup artist for Schitt's Creek and owner of Source Organics, will share tips for brows, lashes, and more:

Today on #RareDiseaseDay, we recognize patients living with rare diseases like some types of blood cancers. We currently support 190 of the world’s most trailblazing scientific investigators. Read more on our research priorities >>

Want to help the patients and families at St. Jude but don't know how? Visit our website to donate or learn how you can become part of the network of supporters who ensure patients never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.

Don’t miss the virtual #AsthmaEducatorInstitute on 3/9, 3/10 & 3/12. This 3 half-day prep course is designed for healthcare professionals who want to implement asthma guidelines-based care & are eligible to sit for the national #asthma certification exam.

The earlier #breastcancer is found, the more likely you are to survive it! That's why getting regular screenings is so important- particularly for Black women. Learn more about screening:
#KnowYourRisk #BlackHistoryMonth

BCRF's Westchester Symposium is now available for viewing! Listen to Drs. Eric Winer, Connie Lehman, and Susan Domchek talk screening, AI, inherited gene mutations, metastatic breast cancer, and so much more.

Hey Michael! @VincentRK may be best to address your question. Otherwise, give the InfoLine team a call. They always have the most up-to-date info.

(((Michael Katz)))@Mikeypod50

.@IMFmyeloma thoughts on Shingrix vaccine for myeloma patients?

Raise Hope, End Cancer! Now through March 13th at all @Walgreens locations nationwide you can support those fighting cancer by donating at checkout. To find a store near you visit:

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New Song – CharlElie!

Pioneers For A Cure is very happy to announce the release of “Au Clair de la Lune” by CharlElie Couture. The French folk song receives a beautiful piano-focused, bluesy treatment and features drummer Dan Rieser (Norah Jones) and renowned Bassist Patrick Derivaz, who...

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Postcards From The Edge

When the first wave of immigrants to Palestine hit the shores of the Holy Land they were pioneers on many fronts. The new settlers, inspired by the leadership of Eliezar Ben Yehudah, started to integrate all facets of their lives with the Hebrew language. Even the old...

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Hangin’ with the Homeboyz….

Each artist who passed through Studio A was asked to “sign” our musical guest book, by recording a pass on Am Yisrael Chai-The People of Israel live on! We combined an obscure old pioneer song with a newer, famous tune written by the legendary Shlomo Carlebach, and...

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The Prodigious Daughter

Basya Schechter and her cleverly named band Pharaoh’s Daughter have made a considerable impact on the world/acoustic scene. Her sweet voice, whether together with her full ensemble or in tandem with her guitar, is a pleasure to behold. The pioneer song “Hiney...

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