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Pioneers for a Cure: Songs to Fight Cancer
The Am Yisrael Chai Collection
The Israel Sessions Volume I

The pioneer songs that created the classic folk music of early Israel are reinterpreted in these two collections; proceeds of sales benefit cancer treatment and research. The Am Yisrael Chai Collection offers a sultry, joyous fusion of Middle Eastern and European melodies and rhythms by contemporary New York-based artists including Pharaoh’s Daughter (“Hinei Achal’la Bachalili”), David Broza (“Vúlai”) and Neshama Carlebach (“Tapuach Zahav”). The second phase, The Israel Sessions, features Israeli musicians living in Israel, from the legendary Yehoram Gaon (“Shir Ha’avodah Vehamlacha”) to rising star Tsahi Halevi (“Al Neharot Bavel”), who give the classics a subdued lyrical quality as well as an updated rock beat. Download individual songs or the whole collection from —Rahel Musleah