Artist: RebbeSoul

About The Artist:

A versatile musician with an innate gift for telling a story, RebbeSoul (Bruce Burger) brings a new voice to the sometimes-stagnant realm of Jewish music. He blends rock sensibilities, world-fusion stylings and traditional Hebrew melodies to create a sound that is ageless yet completely progressive. It took many years before he ever discovered his musical identity, however. His evolution as an artist, just like his journey to the heart of Judaism, has been an unorthodox one. This song feature Neeyah Lynn Stephens on vocals.

Song: Shir Shomer

Contribution to: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Shir Shomer (aka Mechorati) is of unknown origin, but like so many others favored by the early pioneers, it is apparently adapted from an indigenous folk melody. In rhapsodizing about the natural beauty of the land, the anonymous author adopts a convention that was popular at the time, referring to Palestine as the place of “my origin” and even “my birthland,” although he was likely a European immigrant arriving in the yishuv in his late teens or early twenties. The immigrant poets used these kinds of terms to express their strong feeling of having been “reborn” in Eretz Yisrael.

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