Pioneers for a cure

has one primary mission:

to fight cancer with song downloads

A Stellar Model of


grassroots philanthropy

[A] collaborative project ...

donates all the proceeds to promote

innovative cancer research



The Genders

About Israel Cancer Association (ICA)

The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) was founded in 1952. More then 50 years of involvement and a proud record of achievement have earned ICA widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a prime leader in the fight against cancer. ICA set its goal to reduce the mortality and morbidity rates of cancer by waging an encompassing fight – by promoting research, prevention and early…

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by The Genders

Supported Charities

We’ve funded more than 40 cancer charities around the world. We went live in April 2009 and first donations were received the same day that went to charities. Half of our donors upgrade to donations of $9.99 and even $99.99 per track.

Artists Supporting

Over 100 songs have been recorded by artists from around the world, including Suzanne Vega, Ben E. King, Tom Chapin, Randy Brecker, Matt White, John Pizzarelli and David Broza. This community of contributors created historically significant music, which is only available through Pioneers For A Cure. All proceeds go to artist-selected cancer charities.

Free “Am Yisrael Chai” Single

Pioneers For A Cure released the single “Am Yisrael Chai,” a dynamic and beautiful mix of the traditional melody with the famous version written by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Enjoy it for free!

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Recent Twitter Posts From Supported Charities

#Sport : quelle place dans le traitement des #cancers ? Un article à découvrir sur @DocDuSport

Great news for pts w/ #metastatic HER2+ #breastcancer. Results from HER2CLIMB trial at #SABCS19 show better progression-free & overall survival w/ addition of tucatinib to trastuzumab+capecitabine.

In heavily pretreated patients with HER2+ metastatic breast cancer, including those w/ brain metastases, adding tucatinib to trastuzumab and capecitabine results in better progression-free survival & overall survival outcomes than adding placebo. #SABCS19

Tonight we held a special lab coat ceremony, welcoming several early-career, Komen-funded scientists to our research family. We are so proud of all these individuals, as their work and dedication are bringing us closer to a world without #breastcancer.

Searching for the perfect #holidaygift? Check out @OleObrigado's Charity Gift 3-Pack of delicious #wine! Proceeds benefit our #cancer research programs so order yours today:

Young women w/breast cancer deserve tailored information. ⁦⁦@LivingBeyondBC⁩ Survivorship Series provides training for nurse navigators in the unique needs of young women with breast cancer. At poster session #SABCS19 w/Young Advocates Elpida Argenzio ⁦@jamilkali⁩

The amazing @circusmom90 advocating and presenting at the @SABCSSanAntonio poster session! Representing @LivingBeyondBC and all patient #advocates. #HearOurVoices

Tonight at ABCF’s @abreastcancer “Hot Topics” session, BCRF researchers Drs. Suzanne Fuqua and Jenny Chang take part in discussing the importance of including patient advocates in the research process. #SABCS19

3) Only research will lead us to the cures and only the cures will save my life! Please continue supporting this important work! #SABCS2019 XOXO - @swaggsheila1

2) Be vigilant about your health! If you feel like something is ofd, say something to your doctor ASAP! #SABCS2019 #bcsm

1) There’s significant progress being made on the #breastcancer front that gives me hope for a longer life. Thank YOU for supporting Komen to make work like this possible. #SABCS2019

It’s been an honor taking over Komen’s Instagram/Twitter today from #SABCS2019! The top takeaways from today are....

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