Artist: Yehoram Gaon

About The Artist:

The son of Sephardic immigrants, Yehoram Gaon grew up in Jerusalem and aspired to be an actor. During his army service he performed in the Nahal entertainment troupe, but he did not formally begin his singing career until his release from the army. He performed with several singing groups, and achieved his first major professional appearance with his leading role in the musical Kazablan. Since then, Gaon’s career as a singer, actor, and director has flowered. He has produced almost fifty albums, including of Ladino music, has performed extensively in Israel and abroad, and has starred in television and movie productions. Among these is Operation Thunderbolt, the movie made about the 1976 rescue at Entebbe which starred Gaon as Yoni Netanyahu.

Song: Shir Ha’avoda Vehamlacha

Contribution to: Israel Cancer Association (ICA)

Shir HaAvodah V’HaM’lachah (The Song of Service and Work) is one of Chaim Nachman Bialik’s 78 “Songs and Verses for Children” that have become part of the literary tradition of young children in Israel. Adapted to a folk song, the short lines, familiar vocabulary and sentiments extolling the virtue of work and of the workers themselves made this poem a favorite among the pioneers and their children. Bialik (1873-1934) is recognized as one of the fathers of Modern Hebrew literature. Born in Russia into a traditional Jewish household, he received a yeshiva education, and was well versed in the Talmud and the Bible. Although he departed from careful Jewish observance as an adult, his familiarity with traditional sources reveals itself in frequent references in his work to phrases and imagery from the texts he studied in his youth.

Israel Cancer Association (ICA)

The Israel Cancer Association (ICA) was founded in 1952. More then 50 years of involvement and a proud record of achievement have earned ICA widespread recognition, both nationally and internationally, as a prime leader in the fight against cancer. ICA set its goal to reduce the mortality and morbidity rates of cancer by waging an encompassing fight – by promoting research, prevention and early detection, improved methods of treatment and rehabilitation and quality of life. We support cancer patients throughout their ordeal and we strive to ensure their rights. The ICA is in the forefront in the fight against cancer initiating and implementing essential long-term, nationwide programs and goals for the benefit of all cancer patients and their families, in every sector and in every locale throughout the country.

Shir Ha’avoda Vehamlacha

by Yehoram Gaon