Kaplan Medical Center Throat Cancer Fund

The Kaplan Medical Center is a hospital in Rehovot, Israel, located in the south of the city next to the Bilu Junction. In 2001, the hospital had 625 beds and in May 2007 was the tenth largest hospital in Israel. It serves the entire northern Shephelah region, between Rehovot and Ashdod (including Gedera and Yavne) and serves Ashdod along with Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon. It was founded in 1953 and was named after Eliezer Kaplan, a well-known Zionist and the first Finance Minister of Israel. Kaplan is a teaching hospital, affiliated to the Hadassah and Hebrew University of Jerusalem Medical School. Kaplan Medical Center also has a small branch in Gedera called Herzfeld Medical Center, which mainly serves as a geriatric hospital and nursing home.