SINGING FOR A CURE: Seventy-five years after Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook died of cancer, Ha’Orot, a musical project blending the poems of the famous Jewish thinker with smooth jazz rhythms, is launching a nationwide tour raising funds for the Israel Cancer Association. The tour is sponsored by the charity Pioneers for a Cure: Songs to Fight Cancer. “The project began with an American philanthropist who knew of too many people suffering from cancer and wanted to help raise money creatively through the power of music,” said Rabbi Itzchak Marmorstein, a Canadian-Israeli who last year teamed up with veteran Jewish jazz musician Greg Wall and his band The Later Prophets to create Ha’Orot. Last summer, Wall, who is the musical producer of Pioneers for a Cure, recorded 16 different Israeli artists including Yeroham Gaon, David Broza, Ilanit and Shai Gabso doing cover versions of pre-state pioneer songs, which belong to the public domain. The tour runs February 1-8. For more information, call ‏(050‏) 347-4733.

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