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#Cookies for a cure! When you use code TJM2020 during checkout at, 10% of each @tiffstreats sale made will be donated back to our #cancerresearch. At the end of January, the charity with the highest sales will also receive a $10,000 donation. Order today!

La survie globale médiane des femmes atteintes d’un cancer du sein métastatique triple négatif augmentée grâce à l’immunothérapie : les résultats prometteurs d'une étude soutenue par @FondationARC et promue par @GroupeUNICANCER @FAndreMD @thomas_bachelot

This week is #CervicalCancerPreventionWeek. Figures published yesterday show a steep 54% rise in cervical cancer rates among 25 to 29-year-olds – but why? See this thread 👇 (1/5)

A recent study from @RambamHCC comparing chronic pain patients using medical marijuana to non-users found medical marijuana users had less difficulty sleeping through the night.

#MedicalMarijuana #ChronicPain

RT @USNewsHealth: The Mediterranean diet is No. 1 in our #BestDiets rankings.

Olive oil is a key component, and not all types are created equal.

Living Beyond Breast Cancer and other national cancer advocacy groups want your input. Tell us about your understanding of, and preference for, terms used to describe genetic testing and #cancer in this 5-minute anonymous survey: #bcsm

Are you thinking about reducing your alcohol intake? For #WellnessWednesday, we're sharing some helpful tips from @Healthline: #DryJanuary #bcsm

Trying to sleep train your newborn?

Dr. Katharina Graw-Panzer of @WCMpeds & @nyphospital provides recommendations on how and when to start sleep training. (via @thisisinsider)

Register Now for the 2020 IMF Patient & Family Seminar in #BocaRaton, FL. Fri, 03/13/2020 #myeloma #multiplemyeloma

What are the top risk factors for breast cancer? Drop your answer below!

"We believe any child with infantile spasms should be offered first-line therapy," said Dr. Grinspan (@DrZachGrinspan) of #WCM & @nyphospital at #AES2019.
(via @neurology_live)

"After #cancer, I see life with a more grateful lens. I want to experience more of this beautiful life with the people I love. It is a true blessing to be alive and well." Hodgkin's #lymphoma survivor Bethaney Jones shares her personal story >>

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New Song – CharlElie!

Pioneers For A Cure is very happy to announce the release of “Au Clair de la Lune” by CharlElie Couture. The French folk song receives a beautiful piano-focused, bluesy treatment and features drummer Dan Rieser (Norah Jones) and renowned Bassist Patrick Derivaz, who...

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Postcards From The Edge

When the first wave of immigrants to Palestine hit the shores of the Holy Land they were pioneers on many fronts. The new settlers, inspired by the leadership of Eliezar Ben Yehudah, started to integrate all facets of their lives with the Hebrew language. Even the old...

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Hangin’ with the Homeboyz….

Each artist who passed through Studio A was asked to “sign” our musical guest book, by recording a pass on Am Yisrael Chai-The People of Israel live on! We combined an obscure old pioneer song with a newer, famous tune written by the legendary Shlomo Carlebach, and...

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The Prodigious Daughter

Basya Schechter and her cleverly named band Pharaoh’s Daughter have made a considerable impact on the world/acoustic scene. Her sweet voice, whether together with her full ensemble or in tandem with her guitar, is a pleasure to behold. The pioneer song “Hiney...

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