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Ronald & Tina’s home was far from treatment. But thanks to donations like yours, we provided them free lodging. Your gift of $50 could provide a free night of lodging & help meet our goal of donating 1,000 rooms near treatment to cancer patients by Dec 31.

If you’re caring for someone with #cancer, it’s easy to lose sight of yourself. Last year, we asked Dr. Allison Applebaum, the Director of the Caregivers Clinic at our Counseling Center, for some advice for caregivers. #NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth

Being that we all Were, Are, or likely Will Be caregivers, these are some good tips for us all! #NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth #Caregivers

Caveat- the biggest conclusion here is that we need more research on long term effects, BUT it’s important we recognize vaping isn’t as “safe” as some suggest- especially for youth initiates.

Vaping May Be Worse for Heart Than Tobacco, New Study Finds

Pneumonia is not the #cold or #flu, but is a potentially serious #lung disease. The most common type of bacterial #pneumonia is pneumococcal pneumonia & in severe cases it can be life threatening. Learn more at w/ Pfizer #WorldPneumoniaDay

Camille was diagnosed with #PancreaticCancer in 2012. She credits the care she received at @SylvesterCancer with her treatment and recovery. Today, Camille helps #PutTheUinCURE by sharing her story. How do YOU #PutTheUinCure? #pcam19

Being exposed to radon for an extended period can lead to #lungcancer. Radon is an odorless gas; the only way to know whether you're being exposed to it is to test for it. Learn how to check your home for radon today:

How lucky am I-today part of a panel discussion at the American Museum of Natural History @AMNH on my labs’ multidisciplinary research with #paleontologist Mark Norell and #computerscientist Ward Wheeler. Proud to represent the Rubenstein @CpcrMsk at this event.

Proud to announce that Dana-Farber was named one the most noteworthy companies and non-profits led by women in Massachusetts! @LGlimcherMD is #7 on the 2019 Top 100 Women-Led Business in MA by the Commonwealth Institute and the Globe Magazine.

At #PeopleVCancer, @DanaFarber's @LGlimcherMD gives an overview of how living with and treating cancer has changed in recent years, and where she sees the experience and oncology going in the next decade.

.@jimmykimmel fans, bid now at @charitybuzz for the chance for you and a friend to enjoy VIP Green Room Passes to a taping of @JimmyKimmelLive in Hollywood! Proceeds benefit our #cancer research programs at hospitals like @ChildrensLA.

Don’t forget to register for our #FreeEvent on Nov. 14th featuring Miss America, @niathenote! Learn about the movement to save #BlackLives – today's the last day to register! #MinneapolisEvents #MPLSEvents

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New Song – CharlElie!

Pioneers For A Cure is very happy to announce the release of “Au Clair de la Lune” by CharlElie Couture. The French folk song receives a beautiful piano-focused, bluesy treatment and features drummer Dan Rieser (Norah Jones) and renowned Bassist Patrick Derivaz, who...

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Postcards From The Edge

When the first wave of immigrants to Palestine hit the shores of the Holy Land they were pioneers on many fronts. The new settlers, inspired by the leadership of Eliezar Ben Yehudah, started to integrate all facets of their lives with the Hebrew language. Even the old...

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Hangin’ with the Homeboyz….

Each artist who passed through Studio A was asked to “sign” our musical guest book, by recording a pass on Am Yisrael Chai-The People of Israel live on! We combined an obscure old pioneer song with a newer, famous tune written by the legendary Shlomo Carlebach, and...

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The Prodigious Daughter

Basya Schechter and her cleverly named band Pharaoh’s Daughter have made a considerable impact on the world/acoustic scene. Her sweet voice, whether together with her full ensemble or in tandem with her guitar, is a pleasure to behold. The pioneer song “Hiney...

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